Know your worth!

“I’m not paying that for a cake! I can get that from [insert your local grocery store name] for $10 or Mrs. Such and Such next door for $15!” How many times have we heard that as bakers? I believe any small business owner has heard that at least once!

I assure you that you can get a red velvet cake from the local grocery store for a little of nothing, I buy them a lot when I have a taste for cake but I just don’t feel like baking an entire cake just for myself. In my opinion it will never compare to a fresh homemade cake. I worked in a grocery store bakery before becoming a nurse, our cakes were shipped from the warehouse, frozen, and thawed in the fridge before being iced from a tub of buttercream from the same warehouse. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but please do not expect to get my homemade red velvet cake with homemade cream cheese icing for $10 or $15. Ingredients, time, supplies, and utilities are factors when we price items.

Small business owners know your worth! Your time is precious, and so is the knowledge you have for your craft. There will be many people who will not want to pay for your products, but trust me there will be many more who will. Do not lower your prices or standards to please those who want a product for cheaper.

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