Traveling as an LPN

“I can travel as an LPN?” Is one of the most common questions I get as a traveler. Many LPNs have the idea that they are not allowed to travel. There are so many jobs throughout the US and worldwide( foreign contracts are hard to come by, but they do exist) from Alaska to Hawaii, your options are almost endless. From corrections to the ER, it’s impossible not to find what suits you!

I’ve seen contracts for county jails, state prisons, small town emergency departments, crisis contracts, LTAC, and more. I even received contract information for a rare opportunity to work on a military base in Japan! Sadly I had to pass it up. You are not limited to just the LTC setting. Just remember to always know your scope of practice for each state you hold a license in.

Japan Opportunity

Travel nursing can be hectic but the opportunity to travel the country and also develop new skills is worth it. Keep an eye out for my next post! I’ll be giving you some tips on finding your first assignment and what to do before you sign up with your first company.

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